Best Portuguese Restaurant South West London into the Best wine Choices.


Are you looking for a Portuguese restaurant South West London? Grelha D’Ouro is considered the best Portuguese restaurant in South West London. Here’s a little bit more about us.


The Grelha D’Ouro provides an excellent dining experience for people that love Portuguese and more. Modern Portuguese food that you’ll want to try again and again. Portuguese restaurant located in South West London can’t be beat and it’s the best Portuguese restaurant in South West London.

The restaurant is well established in the area and they have exciting and fun dishes for you to try. There’s tons of starters, fish dishes, as well as meat and other options.

We use only the best ingredients at the restaurant and the atmosphere is friendly and warm for your total comfort. You’ll enjoy your time at this restaurant and want to come back all the time.The food is authentic and delicious, and they also have plenty of best wine choices for you to chose to have with your great meal.

The restaurant wants you to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer in terms of great food. They use fine ingredients, simple flavours, tradition, ad creativity to make your meal a memorable and a special one when you dine with them.Some dishes they offer include seafood rice, great steaks, prawns, mussels, pork stew, clams, and octopus. This is an amazing South West London restaurant and one of the best Portuguese restaurant South West London locations for you to dine at.

The restaurant has a late night on Friday and it’s open till eleven for your late-night dining experience after a hard week of work. They are open regular hours on the other weekdays with events and even live music at times. They have two large screen televisions, so you can catch all the games such as football.

We open everyday for lunch and dinner. And also accept people to come in for a coffee, drink, or just a small bite if that is what they prefer.


Here’s some menu items from best Portuguese restaurant South West London. It’s one of the best South West London locations and the best Portuguese restaurant in the area with:

ESPETADA DE BIFE – This is cuts of beef that have been skewered with onions
BACALHAU À LAGAREIRO – Grilled codfish with vegetables
SARDINHAS ASSADAS – Grilled sardines
COSTELETA DE BORREGO – Grilled lamb with rice and vegetables
COSTELETA DE NOVILHO –Veal cutlets with rice
TAGLIATELLE À ALENTEJANA –Pasta with pork and sauce
ARROZ DE MARISCO –Mixed seafood for two people
SALMÃO GRELHADO – Grilled salmon with vegetables


Come to Grelha D’Ouro as it offers great Portuguese food option for you. They also feature a good wine and bar list for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for great food in the area, this is a restaurant that you’ll want to come back to with your friends. It’s one of the best Portuguese restaurants in South West London and well worth paying a visit to.

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Portuguese Food in London

The Best Portuguese Food in London.

If you don’t have the time to visit Portugal or just missing one of the best Portuguese food you ever had, then you can just come over to Grelha D’Ouro restaurant in London.

The cuisine is pleasing to all because of its diversity. Grelha D’Ouro is a Portuguese restaurant that serves everything from the freshest fish to the most tender cuts of meat to the most succulent poultry. Fresh vegetables and rice and beans accompany every meal and desserts seduce even the most discerning eye.

About Portuguese Food

Portuguese cuisine is typically hearty, relying on fresh ingredients. From the mountains in the north of Portugal to the rolling hills and plains of the south, Portugal offers a wide range of culinary delights.

Portuguese food is refreshing, simple and heavily fish based – the country has the highest fish consumption per capita of any European country and one of the highest in the world. We can say that Portugal is a seafaring nation with a well-developed fishing industry and this is reflected in the amount of fish and seafood eaten.

Eating meat and poultry on a daily basis was historically a privilege of the upper classes. Pork and beef are the most common meats in the country. A traditional stew for meat lovers, this dish includes chicken, beef, pork and several pork and blood sausages.

Portugal formerly had a large empire and the cuisine has been influenced in both directions. Portuguese influences are strongly evident in Brazilian cuisine, which features its own versions of Portuguese dishes, such as feijoada and caldeirada (fish stew).